The Idol - W.A.S.P

2008/04/04 17:32::▣ Music

Will I be alone this morning
Will I need my friends?
Something just to ease away my pain
No one ever sees the loneliness behind my face
I am just a prisoner of my fame

If I could only stand
And stare in the mirror
What could I see?
One fallen hero with a face
Like me
And if I scream would anybody hear me
If I smash the silence, you'll see what fame
Has done to me

Kiss away the pain and leave me lonely
I'll never know if love's a lie, ooh
Being crazy in paradise is easy
Do you see the prisoners in my eyes?

Where is the love to shelter me?
Give me love, love set me free
Where is the love to shelter me?
Only love, love set me free
Set me free

사랑도 거짓으로 할 수 있을까?
그건 절대로 알 수는 없어

낙원에서 정신을 잃는 건 쉬운일이지.
내 눈을 보면 내가 갇혀 있음을 모르겠어?

나를 감싸 줄 사랑은 어디에?
날 자유롭게 해 줄 사랑,
그런 사랑은 어디에..

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