All aboard!

Crazy but that's how it goes
Millions of people living as foes
Maybe it's not to late
to learn how to love
And forget how to hate

Mental wounds not healing
Life's a bitter shame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

I've listened to preachers
I've listened to fools
I've watched all the dropouts
who make their own rules

One person conditioned
to rule and control
The media sells it
And you have the role

Mental wounds still screaming
Driving me insane
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train

I know that things are
Going wrong for me
You gotta listen to my words

Heirs of a cold war
That's what we've become
Inheriting troubles
I'm mentally numb

Crazy, I just cannot bear
I'm living with something
that just isn't fair

Mental wounds not healing
Who and what's to blame
I'm going off the rails on a crazy train.

광란의 세상, 하지만 그게 세상살이지
수백만의 사람들이 적이 되어 살고 있어
사랑하는 법을 배우기에
아직 늦지 않았을지도 몰라
서로 증오하는 건 집어 치워.

마음의 상처는 치유되지 않아
삶은 쓰디쓴 치욕일 뿐이야
난 이 넋 빠진 기차에서 내릴거야.

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